HMP Programs

Post Partum Recovery Program

Total Days: 35

30 Minute Back Mobility Routine

This routine will aimed to help people with nagging lower back stiffness who want to follow the same routine everyday and work towards perfecting the same set of basic to moderate level back mobility exercises.
Total Days: 129

Knee Fitness Program

This is a great program to use if you have a nagging knee injury that bothers you while you play your sport. It's great for fixing that sharp twinge you might get going up or down staircases or when working out in the gym.
Total Days: 62

Running Injury Prevention Program

This program is designed to help you avoid common running related injuries. There are 8 warm up and 8 cool down routines covering all major joints, muscles and tendons needed to run well so don't delay and start today to unlock performance you never knew you had!
Total Days: 64

Core & Back Fitness Program

Free your back from nagging stiffness and pain with this great 9 week back fitness program! It starts with just 6 minute workouts in the first week!
Total Days: 63

ACL Knee Rehab - Stage 3 (Strength & Power)

A Gym Based Program for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehab. Suitable for people who have finished our previous ACL programs or who have been doing structured ACL rehab for the last 5 months.
Total Days: 42

Swimming Injury Prevention Program

There are two different warm up and cool down routines in this program. The warm ups will open your body up and make sure you are ready to go at 100% the moment you hit the water. They will take about 15 minutes to complete. The cool down programs will stretch you out after your training session so you start the vital process of recovery for your next training session straight away. They will take about 10 minutes to complete. This investment of 25 mins a day will give you the best chance of staying injury free and swimming at your best!
Total Days: 32

ACL Rehab Stage 2 - Building The Base

This is the 2nd program in the series of programs aimed to help you recover fully from and ACL injury. It is designed to take you from week 7 to week 15 in your recovery journey post surgery. It still does not need much equipment other than elastic bands, ankle weights, foam rollers and light dumbbells and the majority of the program can be done at home. It is designed to get you back to full normal function.
Total Days: 58

ACL Rehab Stage 1 - Recovery

This is the 1st Anterior Cruciate Ligament rehab program in our collection. It is designed to help you through the first 6 weeks of rehab after an ACL injury or After Surgery. It can also be used as a great PreHab program for 6 weeks prior to ACL surgery.
Total Days: 42

Gym Program

This 8 week, 7 day per week, program aims to help you address general movement issues and imbalances that may be present from the previous season so that your body is more athletic and moving better next season. Key areas like core, shoulder, hip and ankle mobility will receive special attention as they are crucial areas of human movement and must be working well to create real speed and power. If your offseason is less than 8 weeks that is okay, even just 1 or 2 weeks will be enough to see improvements. This program does need access to a gym to get the most benefit.
Total Days: 54