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Our goal is to help you recover from injuries and perform your best. Access elite level fitness and rehab programs designed by Sports Physiotherapist Heath Matthews, for independent training and recovery or book a consultation. We aim to optimise mobility, strength and flexibility to bridge the gap between rehab and fitness.


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HMP Success Stories

Sachin Tendulkar

Retired Indian Cricketer

"Heath was a huge help with my wrist surgery rehab. His guidance made a huge difference in making me fit again."

Virat Kohli

Indian Cricketer

"Heath has a fantastic out-of-the-box approach to fitness and how to enhance sports specific skills."

Anushka Sharma

Actor, India

"I have worked with Heath for a good span of time and I can vouch for the fact that he has great knowledge of his discipline and the results of working with him have been wonderful. He is very professional and efficient in his work and understands the comfort zone of the patients."

Akshay Kumar

Actor, India

"Heath is my go to guy with hands of steel and technique like I've never encountered in India before. I have a lot to thank him for, he's helped me get through more action sequences than I care to remember."

Khurshid Mistry

National Champion Veteran Athlete 2 Track and Field Sprints & Marathons

"4 years ago, when I met Heath, I was on the verge of giving up Athletics on account of the numerous injuries I was getting and my inability to participate in my events. Heath’s magical touch, core and strength programs and injury management measures have got me back on track to pursue my passion again."

Ajay Jayaram

International Badminton Player, BWF

"I suffered a career threatening shoulder injury a couple of years back, for which I had to undergo surgery. Heath's expert guidance and detailed rehab program got me fitter and stronger than before, and within three months of getting back on court, I won my maiden Grand Prix title."

Renee Melek

Bandra business owner.

"Due to heavy exercise I developed a lot of pain in my left knee and there was a clear clicking sound when I climbed starts. I was introduced to an online knee rehab program by Heath Matthews. I completed the full program and in twenty days, I was delivered of the knee pain and clicking. Now I can climb up stairs without any pain or discomfort. The exercises were very easy to do and were very effective."

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Heath Matthews Physio brings you better health and fitness through technology and expertise. Everyone from Olympians to weekend warriors can benefit from Heath Matthews Physio to heal faster, perform better and feel their best.
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